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When Cinema Journal asked me to provide a possible image for the cover of this issue, several came to mind. Yet trying to find an accessible, representative, legal, high quality picture proved difficult. In fact, my search for such an image metonymically illustrated many of the central concerns addressed in this In Focus. There are many amazing works of fan art and screenshots from fan vids TV or film clips cut to music , but most of them require at least an understanding of the source text, if not the fannish context, to become comprehensible. Many of these images might not strike a casual reader as feminist because the feminist impetus lies in the way women manipulate and co-opt media representations. In addition, these images draw from copyrighted sources, so that most are on uncertain legal grounds, even as fans and scholars alike argue for their legality on transformative grounds. Fannish art is grassroots and amateur, and predigital, third- or fourth-generation sources often produce deteriorated or low-quality images. Trying to showcase fannish creations is thus complicated by the very subcultural constraints that make it worth studying in the first place. The different contributors in this section all focus on various dimensions of what has been termed media fandom.

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Wikidot is dying. Pertaining to fans or fandom. The opposite of mundane. And not the opposite of pro. Fanlike, having the attributes of a fan “a sensitive fannish face ” or something a fan would do. See fan for much more.

didn’t know they were dating fannish tropes trope tuesday Whump is a fannish term used to tag fanfics that involve a canon character being.

When Walter Alexander Willis first appeared in fandom there was little to indicate how important and influential a figure he would become. Belfast was far removed geographically from the fannish mainstream but Willis and the other fans in that city were to make Irish Fandom the most celebrated fan group of the s. It all began on a rainy afternoon towards the end of World War II when Willis and the girl he’d been dating for nearly a year, Madeleine Bryan, took shelter in a newsagent’s.

They married in and bought a house, Upper Newtownards Road, that would eventually be known as ‘Oblique House’ and become one of the most famous fannish gathering places of all. Irish Fandom had not been born yet, however. In the letter section was a missive from a Belfast fan, one James White. Walt Willis wrote to him and White replied on 26th August, a day thereafter known as Irish Fandom day, and arranged to meet.

The group had been born, but for the first few months they were content to do little more than read through each other’s books and magazines and to combine their collecting efforts. In December , Willis came across an ad for the British Fantasy Library in one of the prozines and wrote off for details. Since OF offered magazines that Willis wanted he got in touch with editor Ken Slater about them and also asked if Slater could put him in touch with any other fans in Belfast.

He couldn’t. As Willis recalls:.

In focus: Fandom and Feminism: gender and the politics of fan production

Solangelo is the ship name for the pairing of Nico diAngelo and Will Solace , from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of books. Needs Less Canon : This article includes too much canon detail for the amount of fannish content given. Please add fannish context or remove unneeded trivia. Although a brief overview of canon is welcome, the focus of every page should be about the fandom; canon details are important if they can be associated with a particular fannish activity, fanwork, or fannish event.

See What Fanlore is not for more information. Nico and Will had known each other before, but obvioulsy never really talked to each other.

CrossRef citations to date. 0. Altmetric. Listen. Original Articles. Sherlock “Content​” Onscreen: Digital Holmes and the Fannish Imagination and media, becoming “as if” real and thus resonating with the fannish imagination.

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Word Cite needed Description fanzine n. Chauvenet ‘Detours’ a magazine for fans, esp. Bristol’ Fancyclopedia one who wishes to have or collect complete sets of some particular items con n. Bristol’ ‘Fancyclopedia’ plural of fan, used within science fiction fandom Hugo n.

How is the fannish future gendered and racialized? How have Due date—​January 15, , for estimated September 15, publication.

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The earliest of these two forgotten episodes in SJW credential history occurred in The nominees were:. She was also part of a non-Melbourne group who believed that every aspect of the Ditmars was a cruel plot by Melbourne fans to keep all the Ditmars for themselves. So she allowed members of the convention to vote for the categories as well as the items in the categories.

Irresistible bait to Melbourne fans in general — who ganged up to include Best Fannish Cat in the categories.

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The expansion of fan studies as an academic field, and the growing visibility of fandom and fan activities in popular culture, have led to more instructors using fannish activities and engagement in the classroom, and teaching fan studies as a disciplinary focus. Teaching fandom and fan studies means drawing from a multidisciplinary spectrum of methodologies and foci. The specific pedagogical needs of the fan studies classroom require sustained interrogation because of the changing field of fan studies itself.

This special issue seeks submissions that specifically address the pedagogical methods, styles, contributions, and concerns of the fan studies course, classroom, and online space s. We seek to develop the Symposium section as a useable set of lesson plans, assessment techniques, and methodological interventions with immediate pedagogical application.

Hybrid approaches, detailing the stakes and theory behind a particular lesson, or describing the implementation of a fannish technique, would also be welcome here. TWC aims to provide a publishing outlet that welcomes fan-related topics and to promote dialogue between the academic community and the fan community. TWC accommodates academic articles of varying scope as well as other forms that embrace the technical possibilities of the Web and test the limits of the genre of academic writing.

January 1, Subject Fields:. Theory: Conceptual essays. Peer review, 6,—8, words. Praxis: Case study essays. Peer review, 5,—7, words.

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Dating Sherlock Holmes: A chart of fannish chrono-geekery amindamazed: “ spacefall: “ What does eighty years of people trying to date the.

And, exactly, what am I a candidate for? The science fiction and fantasy fan community is a large and strong group of volunteers that spans the globe, pulling together conventions that celebrate the best of what speculative fiction, art, music, and science have to offer. Our largest convention is Worldcon, an annual convention that takes place in a different city around the world every year.

Last year, it took place in Dublin, Ireland. This year it is taking place in Auckland, New Zealand. There are a couple of fan organization that have arisen to help boost connections between regional fan communities, and one of those groups is the Down Under Fan Fund DUFF , which sends one fan from North America to Australasian based Worldcons and vice versa for Worldcons based in North America. I would love to be a part of the DUFF community, continuing to help bring our communities together.

What is the Down Under Fan Fund? It exists solely through the support of science fiction fandom; the continued generosity of fans is what makes DUFF possible. Thank you for supporting DUFF! Vote for Me! While I would love to have everyone who knows me and who knows how hard I work to promote fandom and fannish activities, not all of my amazing friends are eligible to vote.

Dragon*Con 2005 – Bonus Serenity Panel Footage