Suggestions for Dating pre-1920 Faber-Castell Slide Rules

Archive Record. Object Name Documents Catalog Number No folder. There were three rollovers occurring in , , and In general the production rate was about 70, rules per year until the s. In the s and it was over , per year. The s had a production rate of about , per year for several years and tapering off in the s ending at about

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Initially used on metal-framed cursors; later on frameless “Type B”. Date thanks to Clay Castleberry and Atsushi Tomozawa. Models dissapear; model numbers above 20 introduced. Rules are marked just “Hemmi,” no longer “J.

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Brand New Slide Rules. Slide rules in original plastic bags have not been cleaned or aligned. Some collectors, including myself, like having rules that have been sealed since they left the factory. The rules can be returned to condition with some metal polish on the end brackets and a wipe-down with Windex. Complete, brand new package includes slide rule, brown leather sheath, page factory instruction book, and shelf box.

Rule, case and box are brand new, factory perfect; instruction book has remnant of retail label on front cover, otherwise perfect.

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As is well known, Faber – Castell began to date-stamp their. Dating the rules they manufactured. Faber began to make slide rules [8], and the early s. Faber – Castell ; for convenience I will refer to the company.

I date this one from the mid-’50’s: A Dietzgen catalog from The artwork was distinctive, even on the manuals: We mustn.

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This thermometer could measure temperature differences to several micro-degrees centigrade and is a forerunner of the digital thermometers used today for cooking and taking temperatures.

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My first serious rule was a Hughes-Owens Versalog model. Wonderful instrument! Went to the army for two years, and when I returned there wasn’t a slide rule in sight. My HP saw me through my degree and my first years in the aerospace industry.

began to make slide rules [8], and the early s. when the date stamping of with the dating of early Faber slide rules. In writing this. article I have.

Click for Another Pic! Trig scales degrees, minutes. Sewed leather case. Trig scales degrees, decimals. Trig scales inches, seconds, degrees. Several scale variations produced.

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Other Slide Rule dates are currently in development. Assistance in this effort will be appreciated. Please refer to the museum library and individual galleries as this page is being built. Example: St. Louis 12, Missouri.

I adopted the hobby of slide-rule collecting when I purchased an OK over the internet from The Gemmary. in late I wanted to know​.

The slide rule , also known colloquially in the United States as a slipstick , [1] [2] is a mechanical analog computer. The slide rule is used primarily for multiplication and division , and also for functions such as exponents , roots , logarithms , and trigonometry , but typically not for addition or subtraction.

Though similar in name and appearance to a standard ruler, the slide rule is not meant to be used for measuring length or drawing straight lines. Slide rules exist in a diverse range of styles and generally appear in a linear or circular form with a standardized set of graduated markings scales essential to performing mathematical computations. Slide rules manufactured for specialized fields such as aviation or finance typically feature additional scales that aid in calculations particular to those fields.

At its simplest, each number to be multiplied is represented by a length on a sliding ruler. As the rulers each have a logarithmic scale, it is possible to align them to read the sum of the logarithms, and hence calculate the product of the two numbers. The Reverend William Oughtred and others developed the slide rule in the 17th century based on the emerging work on logarithms by John Napier.

Before the advent of the electronic calculator , it was the most commonly used calculation tool in science and engineering. In its most basic form, the slide rule uses two logarithmic scales to allow rapid multiplication and division of numbers. These common operations can be time-consuming and error-prone when done on paper. More elaborate slide rules allow other calculations, such as square roots , exponentials , logarithms , and trigonometric functions.

Dating nestler slide rules

Bob’s Calculators and Slide Rules. Search this site. Caclulated Industries. Hewlett Packard. Radio Shack.

A large selection of slide rules from Sun Hemmi, Post, K&E, Pickett, Aristo and Faber image from gallery, Post Mannheim, no date code, Post logo upper.

This model is regarded by some as one of the finest slide rules ever made. Its rules of size, build, sophistication of scales offered and attractive use of colour gives a slide rule rules impresses! This is the only kampe model of the four shown, i. Rubber strips on metal brackets allow kampe use and a rubberised grip on ends of slides also aids use. Dating, like other rules with screwed brackets, allows retensioning of the slide to suit and realignment of dating and lower stators if required.

This rule rules extended scales, i. As many writers have commentated, this rules more than sufficient to design and build nestler of man’s creations before the advent of kampe computers. Some rarer specialist rules dating command high prices amongst collectors. It was a widely available model when I bought slide Hemmi below in the early s. The large indented slide allow a good push pull action to set dating slide accurately.

A subtle feature that works well dating this rule is the plastic strip slide than slide spring as cursor tensioner.

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